Friday, December 24, 2010

The New Year is upon us...

Love, good health, rich opportunities, prosperity and abundance.

May all those things find it's way to you.

May the peace of God be with in 2011.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Keep it Simple

It's that time of the year when leaves fall with all their pretty colors. We get out the hats, scarves and gloves, if we didn’t lose them from last year. My son never seems to keep a pair gloves or hats around for the whole season.

It’s also that time of year we sit down with family or friends with good food, warm drinks and laughter.

I’ve learned over the years, or should I say I get my cue from the way nature works. Keep it simple...Simplicity is a great word to have in your vocabulary.

You can have the best time with family and friends by not complicating things with too much fuss.

Remember the reason for getting together…

To Love.
To be grateful.

To be kind and forgiving.

Ok and maybe the occasional what did I just eat. Keep it simple this year and your body and soul will thank you.

Be Well.

Monday, August 16, 2010

It's that time!

Remember this:

They might cry and moan, but it's that time of year again. It's time to get up earlier, and wake those sleeping, grumpy children. It's time to pack lunches and backpacks...and let's not forget homework.

Because if your children have homework you have homework too!

Moms and Dads while preparing your children for school it's important to make time for your soul and mind. It's difficult to nourish others if we don't take care of ourselves. It's very easy to get frazzled while everyone in the household is adjusting to the back to school schedule.

What works best for me is getting up early before anyone else is moving in the house.(5am-5:30am). This is time for me. As soon as my feet hit floor I say thank you. I say a prayer/mediate and give to thanks to a new day. I read  positive quotes to feed my mind and soul.

After that I put on a pot of coffee. While that's brewing I take some bread and nuts to feed the birds and squirrels. All kinds of birds appear Robins, Cardinals, the occasional Blue Jay and many sparrows. I love to watch the animals eat while I sip my coffee before the sun appears.

It's a beautiful time of day.

Now I'm ready to start my day. Got to drop my son off and catch the early morning train. May you find your peace.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Hot fun in the summertime!!

No more staring at the clock waiting for the work week to be over. No more squeezing into the subway car like sardines, dreaming of your nice comfy couch. It's Friday, and the long Fourth of July weekend awaits. The holiday offers an excuse to gorge on hot dogs, steak, corn, seafood, cake and anything else that fits in our mouths. Time to relax in the back yard with a nice cold drink. But what do you do when you hear that little voice say, "MOM!! DAD!! I made a mess." The little one comes running to you with hands full of dirt, juice, food and that slimy stuff that only kids can find. What are you going to clean it with? How about one of our soaps. Check out our products at Have a great weekend!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer is on the way!

Summer is on the way.
And with it comes all the joys of warmer weather-picnics,pool parties,flowering trees and the end of another
School session.I hope you take advantage of this time to enjoy the great outdoors before the humidity and
mosquitoes take over!

Here are a few timely articles to inform and entertain you.

Landscapes that Attract Nature
Did you know that certain bushes,trees and shrubs can attract beautiful birds such as cardinals,woodpeckers and hummingbirds to your yard or balcony?(I have Blue Jays and Cardinals in my yard) Berries are a big hit with birds and butterflies enjoy flowers with nectar,which they suck out of the blossoms with their long tongues.

If you have a dead tree limbs in an inconspicuous place in your yard,consider leaving them there ,as allowing them to remain can attract chickadees, nuthatches and several woodpecker species.
Naturally, the ever popular butterfly bush will certainly attract tons of various butterflies and will act as a vibrant
spot in your garden as well. Use your garden space wisely and fill it with plats that will bring nature up close and personal in your daily life.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Planet Soaps by Wett Giggles

Introducing our new Planet Soaps!

As we roll out our newest soap offerings,Earth,Mars,and Jupiter to be exact,we thought it would be fun to
offer some cool facts about theses planets that you might not be aware of.Feast your mind on these fun planet facts and treat your skin to our new planet soaps!

Our home planet,Earth ,is estimated to be about 4.5 million years old.Wow! Now that is wear and tear that even the most involved facelift couldn 't undo! Earth's atmosphere is about 80 percent nitrogen while most of the remainder is oxygen.Only 3% of the
water on Earth is fresh,the rest is 97%.(So the majority of our water is perfect for cooking pasta! I like mine
al dente)

Mars is the only planet whose surface detail can be seen from Earth. The poles of Mars, like those ,are covered in ice.The gravity on Mars is 38% of that found on Earth. If you weigh 100 ponds here on Earth you'd be a svelte 38 pounds on Mars; imagine that.How soon until the Hollywood celebs want to relocate to Mars? Are you ready for the' I lost weight on the Mars diet!! 'ads? This whole gravity vs.weight thing could give new  meaning to the 'Mar's bar'.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System and is the fifth planet from the sun. Becasue it rotates so fast, a day there lasts only 10 hours. Hmmm. That would force one to bring multitasking to a new level. Jupiter 's Giant Red Spot is actually a storm and it has been brewing for over 300 years. The television weather people
would have a field day with that! Always something to talk about. Continual weather alerts~watches and warning would never cease!

 Anyway ,the Giant Red Spot is huge,it's got scale galore.

You can visit our website to learn more about the newest addition to our Wett Giggles products,our planet soaps. They 're out of this world!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fun Soap Facts

Everyone uses soap, in one form or another,but do you know how exactly soap came about or that June weddings were popular in the 1500's because in those days most people only took one bath a year and it was in May? (Bridal bouquets were used to distract from odors the bride might be expelling. Who knew?)

The name 'soap' comes from ancient Roman legend. On Mount Sapo, where animals were sacrificed, rainwater washed down the mountain. It flowed through a mixture of melted animal fats and ashes into the Tibet River below. As women washing their clothes noticed them becoming cleaner as they were exposed to this mixture, it
became known as soap. It seems that soap making originated with a combination of animal fats and various ashes, depending upon the region. The Romans preferred goats milk varieties, while the French gravitated to soap made with olive oil.

When it comes to mass produced bar soap that you may buy in the grocery or drugstore, it is mostly detergent,that's why it bubbles up so much.
Other fun facts about soap:Palmolive was named after its most popular soap, made with palm and olive oils.
Murphy's Oil Soap is the most commonly used cleanser to wash elephants.Did you realize that bars of Ivory soap were never meant to float? The company was overmixing the soap formula creating excess air bubbles that caused it to float. Customers gave the soap an overwhelmingly postive reaction, so the company never changed a thing.

Sometimes it's best to leave perfection alone.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wash Your Hands:Still the Best Way to Combat Germs!

Ah, Soap. It's there at almost every sink we see, in some form or another,and it still can't be beat when it comes to fighting germs.Whether it is solid or liquid,soap is effective because it rids your hands of germs that you can spread when you touch your nose,mouth,eyes or other people.

Soap does a superior cleaning job because it acts as an emulsifier,meaning it can successfully unite two unblendable  liquids.The oils in soap(which act like a magnet for dirt) don't logically mix with water but soap actually works to coax the dirt and oils into the water so they can be washed away.It is important to note that regular soap is just as effective as the antibacterial variety when you are killing germs.

With the threat of the normal cold weather flu,not to mention the dreaded H1N1 powerhouse illness,it is more important then ever that we protect ourselves as much as possible.When washing your hands ,wet them first,
and then apply soap.Wash for at least 20 seconds, making sure to rub the "webs" between fingers, the back of hands and your wrists.Dry hands thoroughly with a towel or air dryer.
If you are in a public bathroom, you can use the hand towel to turn off the faucet.

Isn't it nice to know that hand washing with simple soap is still at the top of list when it comes to protecting ourselves against germs? By making a habit of washing your hands,you can save your self many sick days and enjoy a much healthier lifestyle.

Coming Soon Planet Soaps by Wett Giggles.