Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bath Time Fun for Kids: Ideas to Make Bath an Enjoyable and Tear-Free Time

  • Do your kids run a mile at the thought getting into the tub or under the shower?
  • Is bath time a time for yelling, screaming and plenty of tears?
  • Do you dread mornings because it means chasing the children into the bathroom?

Well, help’s at hand. 

We have a big list of ideas, tips and tricks to make bath time fun for the kids. That’s right, no more tears, fighting, screaming and chasing down corridors. Turn bath time into a fun and enjoyable activity that children will actually look forward to with these simple ideas:

1.       Bring on the Foam Letters

You see those big foam letters? Well, they’re a great way to keep kids busy and occupied in the tub. They adhere easily to the bathtub walls and can turn bath time in to a fun word-building session. You can use simple letters for younger kids and short 2-letter words for preschoolers. They stay busy and you get to work with them on vocabulary and learning. Win-win!

2.       Use Fun Soaps

Ooh yes, kids love soaps that make bathing super-fun. While you can easily use one of our adorable animal-shaped, sweetlyscented soaps, you can also check out these neat Sesame Street finger paint fun soaps by the Village Company. That’s right. Let the kids paint the bathtub walls and themselves with colorful artwork and then, simply rinse everything right off. Isn’t that just cool?

3.       Add Some Bubbles

We all love bubbles. Yes, admit it, you love them too. So, why not add some kiddie bubble bath and let the kids have fun splashing around. Looking for a good child-safe bubble bath solution? Check out Mr.Bubble and Lander Kids Bath  to add a dash of bubbly fun to bath times.

4.       Fun Ways to Dry Off

Finally, make drying off fun with some cute, hooded towels or super-soft, personalized bath robes. Check out Zoocchini for animal-themed hooded towels that will make the perfect buddy for our animal-shaped soaps. For some great bathrobes, you can check out Terry Rich  that are actually great for pool time as well since they’re easy to zip up and colorful as well. But I don’t see why the kiddos can’t wear them after a bath as well!
How do you make bath time fun for your kids? Or which of these suggestions are you going to try out first to make bath times easier on everyone?

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Photo Credit: evelyngiggles