Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fun Ways to Encourage Beach Safety in Kids

Summer is here and chances are you’re already planning trips to the beach and lazy days spent splashing around.

However, going to the beach also means teaching kids about staying safe. Yes, waves, shells, jellyfish and the sand can cause injuries and turn a happy day into one filled with tears and pain.

Here are some fun ways to encourage beach safety in kids:

 Read Up on Beach Safety

 Yes, reading is a great way to encourage kids to learn and develop new habits. Before heading out to the beach spend some time reading books like Safety Dave and Daisy Go to the Beach  and Hari at the Beach to help kids understand the importance of staying safe at the beach.

With older kids, you can pull out articles from the web or the newspapers and explain what to do when they see a jellyfish or step on a particularly sharp shell.

Make a Stay Safe at the Beach Poster

 Summer means kids at home and what better way to get them to spend their time than making a beach safety poster. Do this as part of getting ready for their day at the beach. Have everyone bring pictures of what they think describes beach safety and create a collage-style poster. This is   great way to reinforce everything they’ve learnt.

 Beach Safety Pop Quizzes

 Finally, need a fun way to spend the time as you drive to the beach? Give the kids a beach safety pop quiz! That’s right? Have one of the kids keep time while the others come up with the answers to questions like, “What color is a jelly fish?”, “What is a rip current?”, “Who should you ask before going into the water?”, “Where does the lifeguard sit?”, “Why should you wear water shoes or sandals on the beach?” and so on.

Finally, don’t forget to carry the kids’ favorite Wett Giggles soaps to wash their hands and get the sand out from under their nails before they dig into their beach lunches. 

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What summer activities do you have lined up? How do you teach the kids about beach safety?

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Photo Credit: Andrew Malone