Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer is on the way!

Summer is on the way.
And with it comes all the joys of warmer weather-picnics,pool parties,flowering trees and the end of another
School session.I hope you take advantage of this time to enjoy the great outdoors before the humidity and
mosquitoes take over!

Here are a few timely articles to inform and entertain you.

Landscapes that Attract Nature
Did you know that certain bushes,trees and shrubs can attract beautiful birds such as cardinals,woodpeckers and hummingbirds to your yard or balcony?(I have Blue Jays and Cardinals in my yard) Berries are a big hit with birds and butterflies enjoy flowers with nectar,which they suck out of the blossoms with their long tongues.

If you have a dead tree limbs in an inconspicuous place in your yard,consider leaving them there ,as allowing them to remain can attract chickadees, nuthatches and several woodpecker species.
Naturally, the ever popular butterfly bush will certainly attract tons of various butterflies and will act as a vibrant
spot in your garden as well. Use your garden space wisely and fill it with plats that will bring nature up close and personal in your daily life.