Monday, April 16, 2012

{Giveaway} Staying Clean is FUN with Wett Giggles!

The summer season is right around the corner and chances are your kids are gearing up for a lot of time at the beach, park and just about anywhere outdoors.

Here are some tips to make staying clean super-fun and easy for the little ones:

1. Make Washing Hands Rewarding

Yes, let the kids know that when they reach the dining table with clean hands they’ll be rewarded with a warm hug and high five. Make it a fun tradition. You can even line them up and sniff their hands like a ‘sniffer dog’ and give them the go-ahead. Also,  using a sweet smelling soap (check out Beatrice who has a blackberry scent!) that they too can ‘sniff’ will up the fun factor!

2. Sing a Silly Toothbrush Song 

Yes, brushing teeth can be a real battle. Make it easy for everyone involved by singing a fun, little ditty. Something like, “This is the way we brush our teeth”, sung to the tune of “Around we go the mulberry bush”, will be easy and fun.

3. Transform the Bathroom into a Fun Room 

Yes, turning your bathroom into a fun zone where the kids would enjoy getting clean can be a real motivator to the young ones. Adding a colorful soap or two {see below how to win some!}, some bath toys, a fun step stool for them to reach the sink and faucet easily, a sweet toothbrush and of course, cool, kids’ towels are all simple but effective ways to increase the fun factor and tone down the routine element.

4. Add a Reward Chart in the Bathroom 

Print out a free reward chart and fill it out with their daily hygiene activities – brushing teeth in the morning, washing hands before breakfast/lunch/snack/dinner, washing hands after going to the toilet and so on. Laminate it or slide it into a splash proof protector and hang it up in the bathroom. Give them stars each time they complete an activity and get them some fun, little toys to reward them.

Yes, staying clean can be super fun and easy too if you know the right ‘tricks’. And we know that our Wett Giggles soaps fit the bill when it comes to upping the fun element in cleanliness, so we have a cool CONTEST for YOU! 

Win your choice of 1 Wett Giggles soap and make staying clean super fun for your kids!

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Photo Credit: Katherine Johnson