Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back-to-School: Learn About Hand Hygiene for Kids

Yes, it’s August already and am sure you’re gearing up for back-to-school season. In the middle of shopping for school supplies, checking on uniforms and getting those backpacks ready, spend some time teaching the kids about hand hygiene. 

Yes, that is the one thing you shouldn’t forget if you want to enjoy a healthier, happier school season.

Here are some fun ways to help kids learn about hand hygiene:

 Make Hand Washing Fun

Begin by making hand washing a fun and easy exercise for even young kids. Make the wash basin easily accessible by adding a colorful step stool and put out fun soaps, such as our latest, ghost soaps to boost appeal and interest.

Make hand washing a game and time the kids while they wash their hands. Whoever washes for a full 20 seconds gets a gold star!

Have Kids Sing a 20-second Song While Washing Their Hands

 Young kids often wash their hands quickly and briefly, and that sadly, isn’t good enough. Help them time themselves by teaching them a 15-20 second song that they can sing or hum while washing hands for the right duration.

Set a Good Example

Children learn best by example and demonstration so let them watch you wash hands  regularly and diligently. Let them see how you value hand hygiene as a way of staying healthy and chances are they’ll be following suit soon.

 Have an Older Kid Teach a Younger Kid Hand Hygiene

Kids make great teachers and learners. If you can, have the older siblings teach the younger ones about hand hygiene. They’ll have more fun and the lessons would be remembered for longer as well.

Read Books or Watch Videos About Germs and Washing Hands

Finally, one of the best ways to teach a kid just about anything is through books, pictures and videos. Wash Your Hands! By Margaret McNamara and  Body Buddies Say,”Wash Your Hands” by Leeann Wenkman are two good options to start with.

Here are some more ways to make overall hygiene fun for kids and have a really healthy, wholesome school year.

How will YOU make back-to-school season a time for teaching your kids about hand hygiene?
Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks