Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to Choose the Best Budget Birthday Party Favors…Ever

Have a birthday coming up? Worried about all the money that you’ll have to shell out on decorations, cake, food, and…party favors?

Well, let’s help you out with the last bit and share how to get beautiful, budget party favors that the kids will love:
1. DIY Party Favors for a Handmade Birthday

Right on top of the list is the DIY party favors. They’re unique, they’re fun, they can be personalized and best of all, they don’t cost a bomb.

What can you make that kids would love to take home with them?

Personalized cupcakes? A fun,  hand-painted t-shirt or photo frame? You can just buy plain ones in bulk and embellish them with a bit of fabric or ceramic paint. Need some more DIY birthday favor ideas? Check out this post on Modern Mom.

2. An Experience Party Favor

Experiences make great party favors that the kids can enjoy long after a party is over. Can you get a good deal on tickets to the zoo? Or maybe to the museum? Or a day pass to an entertainment park? Look for unusual but fun options and ask about discounts for bulk purchases. You’ll save money and the kids would have a fun place to visit after the birthday party is over. Win!

3. A Make-It-Yourself Birthday Return Gift

This is a spin on the DIY party favor. Here, let the kids decorate or make their own return gifts. For instance, you bake the cookies, provide the icings and decorations and let the kids decorate their own cookies and take them home! Package the cookies attractively and you have a great party favor in a limited budget.

You can do the same with ceramic mugs, photo frames or even, t-shirts.

4. Party Favors Made by Mom Entrepreneurs 

Finally, and this is our favorite, our birthday party favors made by mom entrepreneurs, like ourselves. Here are some great options to choose from:

  • Impressive Inscriptions by Rosemarie and Rose Marie. This wonderful home-based business provides personalized bookmarks for all occasions, birthdays included. 
  • Go Go Goodie Bags by Beckie and Sonia. This lovely site offers you both premade and custom goodie bag as well as plenty of other party favor ideas. 
  • Wett Giggles. Well, we couldn’t end this list without a mention of our own adorable, animal-shaped and planet-shaped, handmade soaps filled with natural goodness, yummy fragrances and, a nail brush too!!

So, what ideas do you have for budget birthday party favors? 

Photo Credit: D. Sharon Pruitt