Monday, July 16, 2012

30 Frugal Fun Summer Ideas for Kids

With summer in full swing, chances are you’re looking for some great ideas to keep the kids busy and engaged, without busting the bank, right?

Well, look no further, we have 30 fun and frugal ideas for summer fun. Go ahead, print out this list, put it up on the fridge and start crossing off the items as you enjoy summer on the cheap:

1. Have a splash fest in the lawn or bath.
2. Get cheap water pistols and have a water fight.
3. Eat an ice-cream everyday.
4. Bake cookies.
5. Visit a neighbor.  Better still, help out a neighbor or friend.
6. Play hopscotch or another fun game from your childhood with the kids.
7. Go cycling.
8. Go for nature walks and pick out interesting flowers or rocks to help kids start collections.
9. Get gardening. If nothing else, just create a potted plants garden and get the kids involved.
10. Create a summer fun collage.
11. Visit the zoo.
12. Go to the beach.
13. Watch summer-themed movies.
14. Read summer-themed books or classics.
15. Put on fun music and dance away.
16. Get out water paints, art aprons and canvases and let the kids paint their idea of summer.
17. Create cute cards for everyone, just to say ‘I love you’.
18. Have a crafting hour every day. Need inspiration? Here are 30 craft websites to inspire you.
19. Create summer photo books.
20. Take a photo of the kids every day through summer.
21. Go through photo albums together and pick out favorite shots and frame them.
22. Have a dress-up party.
23. Make non-alcoholic fruit punch and some snacks and spend the day lazing at the pool.
24. Visit an orphanage.
25. Visit an old people’s home.
26. Put up a lemonade or bake sale stall in the front lawn or community center.
27. Visit the local attractions in your city or town.
28. Take a day trip to a nearby lake or tourist spot, armed with a well-stocked picnic hamper.
29. Play board games, especially ones that are new to your kids.
30. Have a “My Idea of Fun” list for everyone and try to do at least  1-2 things from each list this summer.

How will YOU be enjoying summer fun on a budget? 

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Photo Credit: D. Sharon Pruitt