Monday, October 22, 2012

Favorite Fall Traditions for Families: How to Make the Most of Autumn as a Family

Yes, it’s Fall! The season for Halloween, pumpkins and cooler weather. It is also the season when we start preparing for the end-of-the-year and the holidays. Fall infuses us with fresh energy, renewed inspiration and a boost of fondness for traditions.

In that spirit, here are some favorite Fall traditions for you to make the most of this season as a family:

Decorating the House for Fall

 Yes, invite the season into your house. This tradition is lovely because all of you can be involved in collecting leaves, pinecones, apples, pumpkins or gourds and adding splashes of lovely Fall colors and fragrances to the home. Before starting to decorate, head out for a Nature walk and collect interesting ‘artefacts’ to add to the mantle, foyer and living areas.  Meanwhile, the kids can have a ball crunching leaves as they walk about or gathering them for craft time later.  Need some ideas for Fall craft? Here are over 100 of them

Fun and free, yes, this is the perfect Fall tradition for families.

Attend a Fall Festival

If you live in an area that hosts an annual Fall festival, mark your calendar for the date. Bundle up the kids and head to the festival to enjoy seasonal activities like, pumpkin carving or apple picking or simply, savor the smell and sights of Autumn.

Visit the Local Pumpkin Patch

Head out to the local pumpkin patch and let each member of the family pick a pumpkin. Come back home and you can have fun time carving the pumpkins and sipping on some spiced hot chocolate.

 Host a pre-Halloween Party

Who says, parties are only for Halloween? Have a pre-Halloween or celebrating Fall party with seasonal produce taking centre stage and fun Fall activities and games  for kids  to help them enjoy the season and learn about it as well.

  Bake Fall Treats 

Finally, a super-fun and easy way to celebrate Fall is by baking those apple pies, pumpkin pies, spiced cookies and more. Accompanied with a glass of milk, these are the perfect treat for hungry little ones after a day spent picking apples or pumpkins.

Does your family have a favorite Fall tradition? How do you celebrate this change of season? Share with the Wett Giggles community on Twitter and Facebook!

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